- Parking Control -


Members are ONLY allowed to park in their OWN parking spot and not in the visitors parking area.

Also, Mariposa visitors MUST park in the Mariposa’s visitor parking only. Visitors MUST be registered with Parking Control week days and weekends from 1:00am to 6:00am.

Please keep in mind that tickets for parking infractions are issued on behalf of Mariposa Co-op by CYA Parkngo (Olympus) in accordance with Section 2 of the Trespass to Property Act. (link)

NOTE: All communication in respect to the issuance of parking tickets MUST be directed to CYA Parkngo (Olympus). Co-op management has no authority to intercede on your behalf.

Important: If you recieve a parking ticket please read it carefully as there are a number of settlement options available to you.

CYA Parkngo Visitor Registration Procedure:

Three ways to Register:

Web: setup an account at 'I am new' guest maiJbox number is: 1150
SMS: Text user id#plate(no spaces )#day# send to (416) 821-7335. Note text user id is setup under the web under account info button then text user or text 99#ll50#unit#userid# ie 99#ll50#101#demo7#
Phone: Call (416) 410-2517, press 2, your guest mailbox number is: 1150

Phone instructions:
Enter your apt/unit # pound key.
Main Menu Options:
You have the following 3 menu options:
I. For New Plate press the " • " once
2. For Previously Registered with numbers enter the actual numbers listed in the plate followed by the "#" pound key.
3. For Previously Registered without numbers enter three zeros (OOO) followed by the "#" pound key.

New ·Plate: (Warning do not enter all the numbers for the plate at once as this will have frustrating results.)

1. Press the number corresponding to the letter or number in the plate. If you are finished entering all the letters and numbers listed in the plate press the " • " key once.

2. You will be prompted to select the letter or number by pressing between 1 or 4 to return without making a selection press 5. The system will loop back to menu 1 unttil the star key ·J S pressed once.

3. On pressing the " • " key once the plate will be replayed back to you and ask for confirmation that the plate entered is the same as that that is displayed on the vehicle. All others will be tagged and or towed away at the vehicle owner expense.

4. Not exceeding three days enter in the number of days to register. On selection the system will play back the expiry date, time and reference number, otherwise it will advise you of the error of exceeding the number of days in a calendar week, not yet expired or not authorized.

Previously Registered: (Plates that you entered previously as new plates or on line)

1. The system will ask for confirmation of the numbers entered press one to confirm yes otherwise press two

2. The system will look for plates previously registered with the numbers entered that are listed to your unit. It will replay theplate back and ask you to confirm if this is the on·e you wish to register by pressing 1 otherwise press 2 to continue.

3. On pressing one to confirm the plate the system will advise you not exceeding three days enter in the number of days to register. On entering the number of days the system will provide a date, time, and reference number otherwise it will advise of the error of exceeding the number of days in a calendar week, not yet expired or not authorized.


Support is available by emailing Mariposa is not in a position to negotiate and/or cancel parking notices. You may contact CYA Parkngo (Olympus) at the number listed on the notice.

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